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April 27, 2008 at 9:49 am (Uncategorized)

its a bitch when you lose because of a penalty. its an even bigger bitch when your manager decides not to start you although you have scored 28 goals in the league alone and 38 goals in total for the whole season so far. what were u thinking fergie?!! chelsea were walking all over united in the match last night especially after vidic had to go off cos of a broken tooth. sure, they have a champions league semi final second leg match against barca coming up, but still, isn’t the league just as important? why rest a player who could have potentially handed you the league title on a silver platter? bringing him on with about 20 minutes to go is not going to help. and instead of bringing on tevez to add a bit more fire power up front, who does fergie think to bring on but this guy

perennial sub, john o’shea, ladies and gentlemen!!!

ya, the great hope of manchester united, john o’shea is sent onto the pitch. why, oh, why?!! we could have done so much better last night. we could have wrapped up the league title last night. and fergie decides to go pull a stunt like this.

going senile?

lets just hope that yesterday’s match does not cost us the league title. oh, and fergie, you’d better be praying that we win against barca since you brilliantly decided to rest ronaldo just to prepare for that game. thanks for all the things you’ve done for manchester united over the years but after 20-odd years, i think its time for a change. now, where’s jose mourinho when you need him?

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i wanna work

April 24, 2008 at 5:02 pm (Uncategorized)

what’s up doc?

so, have been spending most of the last 2 days in the hospital and there’s a few things i’ve observed. first of all, the health care system here is quite bad. do note, that i said the system is bad and not the people in it. i mean, of course, the doctors know what their doing and i have every confidence in them but the system itself needs some radical changes. for a hospital that size to not have an ambulance standing by at all times just tells you something doesn’t it. there’s also way too much bureaucracy and red tape to go through just to get treatment here. i don’t really know much about the system back home but if its anything like this, man are we in trouble. another thing i observed is the enormous amount of respect people give to the white coat. you can be the most useless looking bugger around but the moment you wear a white coat, people’s views just change. even i’m like that i think. cos i was watching some of my seniors work and even if it was just a simple thing like adjusting the patient’s bed, the white coat that they had on made me feel that whatever they were doing was beneficial. i want that. the white coat, and the confidence it inspires. i want to be a good doctor. let people say what they want but to me, and alot (and i mean alot) of other people, medicine is a noble profession. i know i’m not all that great as a student but i hope i can live up to the title of doctor which i will eventually earn. i wanna work and give something back. i just a have a thesis, 6 block exams, skills test and almost 2 years of clinical training to put behind me before i can start. And i can’t wait….

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April 22, 2008 at 12:24 am (Uncategorized)

there’s only 1 thing i really really really really really want right now. the iPhone. and i haven’t even seen it! tried out the iPod Touch which is about the same thing as an iPhone except it doesn’t have phone functions. the touch screen is super responsive and there’s no lag at all. i know its a little late to be jumping on the iPhone bandwagon but i can’t help it. its just gonna be super cool. and all this after only having played with the iPod Touch. the iPhone is supposed to be even better. there are downsides though. there’s no 3G for one. and you can’t install third party software without jailbreaking the phone. this basically means you to have to hack the phone in order to install stuff. so there are cons but nothing that is a big enough defect to make me shy away from it. now, all i have to do is convince my parents that i really really really want NEED the iPhone. Hmmmm……..


side view

the box and its contents

the box and its contents

this should be me...

this will be me ( fingers crossed)

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return to writing

April 20, 2008 at 11:27 pm (Uncategorized)

new blog, new start. i’ve been bitten by the writing bug again. so now upgraded a bit to a proper blog instead of friendster’s lame-ass blog. so, read, comment, enjoy.

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