the end…….almost

February 3, 2009 at 8:55 pm (Uncategorized)

today was the last lecture ever of my three and a half years of theory. and i went! seems a bit funny to think that we will never have another lecture in one of those classrooms again. i mean, after 3 and a half years of sitting in the back row, usually bored to death, looking for the attendance sheet so that you can sign your name, you’d never think that you’d ever miss that. i dont….yet. maybe i will, i dunno. but for now, i’m just happy its over. i dont think i’ll ever miss the lectures or lecturers themselves, its more to missing all of us batchmates together in one room, talking crap most of the time. once we start our clinicals, it will be next to impossible for all of us to just come together like that again i guess. so here’s wishing everyone luck. do good in the exam on friday, the final exam of our first degree and good luck in everything else.

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