December 14, 2008 at 6:43 pm (Uncategorized)

whats up with this new wordpress dashboard la? have to look around for everything. was just getting used to the old one. anyway, 2008 is drawing to a close. good to know. feels a bit different cause will be entering clinical rotation and will be leaving behind the life of a theory student. dunno if i’m prepared. sure as hell doesn’t feel as if i am. just going through the motions right now. hoping to settle stuff so can graduate on time. just have to see how it goes la. hopefully well. have to move out soon also. bloody owner raised the rent. so far haven’t found a new place yet. i might be homeless for the new year. or maybe i’ll just stick around and not pay. screw you. you deserve it asshole. you owe me free lodging for making me look for a place in the middle of all my exams and stuff. asshole. anyway, hanif is a top ass photographer. dunno where that came from but its true. go check out his pics. what else, what else? hmmm…oh yeah some friends got deported! top shit right. haha. who the hell gets deported from indonesia? hahaha. so i also have a dog to look after for a few days till they get back. J.D., a golden retriever which goes crazy at the very sight of someone picking up his food bowl. thats about it la. i think. ya thats it. wait…. no thats all.

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