September 9, 2008 at 6:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Tagged by Nadiah on 15 little known facts about me:

1. My nickname in secondary was Goldfish (for obvious reasons)

2. I’m a 2nd Dan black belt in Taekwondo

3. I’m a stickler for punctuality and i can’t stand people who are not on time. (Bloody indian timing, haha)

4. I am terrified of rats.

5. Bombay’s is the only drink which made me puke and I cannot stand the taste or smell of it to this day.

6. I had imaginary friends and pets when I was a kid.

7. I don’t lose my temper easily.

8. Contrary to what many people think, I do believe in the existence of God, its religion I don’t believe in.

9. My first crush lasted for 12 years. (I didn’t get the girl)

10. When I was 4, I got my dick stuck in my zipper. That was also the year I started wearing underwear regularly.

11. My eyes well up at sad movies but I hold the tears from flowing like a man..haha

12. I do not approve of girls smoking. If you think I’m sexist or old-fashioned, screw you.

13. I owe every inch of sarcasm in me to my mother. You haven’t seen sarcastic till you’ve met my mother.

14. I like kids, but they run away from me….

15. The thing i hate most in this world is shopping!!!!


  1. NK said,

    dude number 10 is sick!

  2. Amelia said,

    It’s amazing that I had no knowledge of the existence of this blog. WHY SUJEN WHYYY?!?! T___T

    Anyway I updated your link. One would think that it would be courteous to notify the person who linked to your old blog that it doesn’t exist anymore. 😛 But I forgive you, since you didn’t get mad at me for not meeting up with you when you were back home. 😀

    And yay to imaginary friends and pets! Oh and you forgot to mentioned that you shit your pants in kindergarten and kept quiet about it. 😀

  3. suj87 said,

    I didn’t forget. I just knew I could count on you to bring that up

  4. NKxvii said,

    hahahahaaaaaaa but i do think everybody’s done that in kindy.
    i noe i peed a lot=)

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